Featured Communities

Morro Bay

Once a mellow fishing village, Morro Bay is now the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors, shop on the embarcadero, or raise a family. Located along scenic Highway 1 midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, Morro Bay is easy to reach and hard to leave. Once you experience the beauty and charm, not to mention the fun you’ll have surfing, kayaking, fishing, biking and just plain relaxing, you’ll be a “local for life!”


Cayucos sits quietly between the Pacific Ocean and the rolling hillsides of open ranchland and is what some people call “the last of the California beach towns.” Listen to the quiet and stillness that only a small town in an untouched countryside can provide. Cayucos is the perfect remedy for those who suffer from the ills and frustrations of life in the fast lane in our crowded cities. There is virtually no city noise, no traffic, no pollution and no crime in Cayucos. Born during the days of Spanish land grants, Cayucos grew up with sailing ships and steamers, rum-runners and revenuers. Gamblers and seafarers met in the Old Cayucos Tavern, and adventurers and romantics of all kinds still meet there today. Cayucos, the tiny beach town that sits at the foot of the hills with its toes in the sand, awaits you and your exploration.

Los Osos

Los Osos is a charming and fascinating place to live with secrets around every corner. Currently, one of the most affordable beach towns, Los Osos looks like one of the best places for an investment property. A unique family-oriented town, Los Osos also features Montana De Oro park, a place where whale watching and rugged sand dunes meet a unique eucalyptus forest. With empty beaches and natural sweet springs, Los Osos will hold a very special place in your heart.

San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo was named the happiest city in America by author and researcher Dan Buettner. Not long after Buettner’s book, THRIVE, hit the bookshelves Oprah Winfrey sent her team to check out what makes San Luis Obispo the happiest place in the US. See what Oprah’s team discovered and what makes San Luis Obispo such a happy destination. It’s time to explore “SLO” to find out how you can find your own happiness here in San Luis Obispo.

North Coast

As you drive up the famous Highway 1, you will soon discover that you are in a very special place. What will you run into? On one side, you will notice jagged cliffs and pounding surf, while on the other side you might find zebras, a castle, and some of the best vineyards in the world. Paso Robles is now considered “wine country”, while producing some of the best grapes and wines to wineries like Justin, Aaron, Tobin James and many more. The unique climate and culture come together to make the north coast unlike any other.

South County

One thing about living in South County, you always feel like you are on vacation! Whether you are discovering a new cove between Avila and Shell Beach or eating at one of the famous McClintock locations, there is nothing boring about living on the south coast. And as you drive a few miles inland, you just might think you stepped back in time as ranches are abundant with horses and cattle. Known for its perfect weather and tight-knit communities, the south county is a wonderful place to start a family or retire.